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Ep 1: Mary Hardy Reeser Case – Spontaneous Human Combustion

Ep 2: Mary Hardy Reeser Discussion with Jennifer & Matt Jones

EP 3: Adam Walsh Case – Part One

EP 4: Adam Walsh Case – Part Two

EP 5: Gerard John Schaefer Case – Part One

EP 6: Gerard John Schaefer Case – Part Two

Gainesvile Ripper – Danny Rolling

Causeway Killer – Oba Chandler

Ybor City Murders


Mary Hardy Reeser Case

The Dead History Podcast and research by Jennifer Jones

The Black Vault Website: Reeser Case – FBI Report

St. Petersburg Times: Article 1 – White Hot Blaze

St. Petersburg Times: Article 2 – Fire Still A Mystery

St. Petersburg Times: Article 3 – No New Clues

St. Petersburg Times: Article 4 – Sedative, Cigarette & Acetate Gown

Adam Walsh Case

Justice For Adam – Case Files

Frustrated Witness (book) Written by Willis Morgan

Lucas Report – by Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox

Grilling Dahmer (book) by Patrick Kennedy & Robin Maharaj

Stalking Otis Toole (book) by Tim Gilmore

Tears of Rage (book) by John Walsh

FBI Files on Jeffrey Dahmer [This is the 1st of 19 files]

Florida Files Podcast by Michelle F. Solomon

Gerard John Schaefer

American Ripper (book) written by Patrick Kendrick

Killer Fiction (book) written by Gerard John Schaefer, Colin Wilson, Sondra London

Terrible Things (book) written by Justice Howard (Not recommended)

VIDEO – Interview with Sondra London (documentary by Errol Morris)

VIDEO – Sondra London’s YouTube Channel