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Ep 1: Mary Hardy Reeser Case – Spontaneous Human Combustion

Ep 2: Mary Hardy Reeser Discussion with Jennifer & Matt Jones

EP 3: Adam Walsh Case – Part One

EP 4: Adam Walsh Case – Part Two

Sex Beast – Gerard John Schaefer

Gainesvile Ripper – Danny Rolling

Causeway Killer – Oba Chandler

Ybor City Murders


Mary Hardy Reeser Case

The Dead History Podcast and research by Jennifer Jones

The Black Vault Website: Reeser Case – FBI Report

St. Petersburg Times: Article 1 – White Hot Blaze

St. Petersburg Times: Article 2 – Fire Still A Mystery

St. Petersburg Times: Article 3 – No New Clues

St. Petersburg Times: Article 4 – Sedative, Cigarette & Acetate Gown

Adam Walsh Case

Justice For Adam – Case Files

Frustrated Witness (book) Written by Willis Morgan

Lucas Report – by Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox

Grilling Dahmer (book) by Patrick Kennedy & Robin Maharaj

Stalking Otis Toole (book) by Tim Gilmore

Tears of Rage (book) by John Walsh

FBI Files on Jeffrey Dahmer [This is the 1st of 19 files]

Florida Files Podcast by Michelle F. Solomon